Safe, simple, fast, high quality information gathering.

Using our specialist drone technology, software and 4k camera, we easily and safely capture the data you need.

Our drones mean you no longer need to invest in time consuming and expensive scaffolding, and we can get the information you need quickly and safely.

The software we use gives you access to detailed analysis of your site, building or land.

Contact us to discuss how Perception Drones can provide the data and information you need in a quick, safe and cost effective way. 


Do you need images to help explain or showcase an area of land? Do you need to survey inaccessible locations such as roofs, towers and platforms? Do you need surveys to support planning applications?

We pride ourselves in having a background in civil engineering and can help you realise the huge potential in utilising drones to capture vast amounts of data.

With GPS positioning and precise altitude hold control, we can get you the shots you need to help plan your next project. Our drone surveys require very little set up and do not result in any disruption to your project or surroundings.

Some typical (but not all) of the applications we’re capable of providing:

  • Building surveying
  • Roof survey and inspection
  • Land surveying
  • Field survey
  • Aerial survey for archaeology
  • Contract and environmental monitoring
  • Shoreline aerial survey
  • Flood defence survey
  • Aerial survey in Agriculture
  • Agricultural land survey
  • Property development
  • Solar panel inspection
  • Wind farm survey


Perception Drones has just completed the nationally recognised PCN Cat 1 so are proud to announce that we can now “go thermal”.

Infrared thermal imaging can be used to evaluate the condition of buildings, solar panels and other structures, with analysis of temperature differentials detecting potentially hazardous or damaging defects such as water ingress points and moisture entrapment.

Our thermography provides safe, quick, efficient and cost effective surveys for early detection or issues to support planning, maintenance and management.

The data we capture enhances commercial and domestic building inspections to identify damaged or missing insulation, leaks or moisture intrusion. Solar panel inspections provide a safe, fast, effective and detailed identification of potentially damaging hotspots.

By utilising a dedicated thermal imaging camera we can provide surveys and reports for the follow applications:

  • Building inspections
  • Environmental and wildlife surveys
  • Utilities and solar panel inspections
  • Flat roof inspections to pin-point damage
  • Agriculture crop inspections
  • Moisture detection

Contact us today to discuss how Perception Drones can provide the data and information you need in a quick, safe and cost effective way.