Capture special moments, places, weddings and celebrations

At Perception Drones we offer a unique and bespoke videos and images tailored to your needs and provide you a perfect video and photographs of your wedding or celebration.

We can work with your chosen photographer/videographer to integrate our stunning 4k footage into your final video.

Alternatively we can fully edit the footage so that you can have a montage of your event from the air.

We also have a database of quality photographers that we can call on if you are searching for all in one package.


Once you contact Perception Drones we will work with you to understand your needs and give a competitive quote. When you choose Perception Drones we will arrange a face-to-face or skype meeting so that we can get into the detail of your wedding day, learning more about what you would like and provide additional ideas. We can even bring our equipment along so you get a taster of what it’s like to be filmed and photographed with a drone.

From this meeting we will create a detailed flight plan for your approval, so that you can be sure that we’re providing the footage that you need. We’ll work with you to make any revisions to ensure we’re capturing all the moments you’ll cherish.

At Perception Drones we understand that your wedding is your special day so will avoid flying when key moments are happening, unless requested by you. This is generally when having the whole ceremony outside and the hum of drone in the background whilst speeches are underway rarely goes down to well.

If required, we can keep your footage stored on our servers just in case the unthinkable happens and you lose your special video. We have a yearly pricing option available to all our clients.

Prices start from £300, drop us a line or call and we can talk you through the options and start building your bespoke wedding or celebration package.


Perception Drones offers bespoke services to capture treasured possessions or places such as boats and yachts, homes or cars.

If you can imagine a need for aerial footage then please get in touch, we’d love help bring your idea to life.