Drones give us access to areas that were previously expensive, time consuming or impossible to reach.

But to make the most of the opportunities drones offer, you need a guide: people with skills, experience and the necessary qualifications. People whose passion matches your own, and who are dedicated to exploring the world and delivering quality, every time.

Aerial film, images and surveys are valuable in many sectors and situations, the list is huge. If you can imagine a need for aerial images or video (however strange) then we are definitely your guys. We pride ourselves on being approachable, considerate and honest.


Perception Drones were able to understand, execute and generate our imaging requirements in a highly professional and swift service, exceeding our expectations of drone photography.Jon Hyatt, Hendra Group

Contact us to discuss how we can work together, saving you time and money while delivering high specification images, film and surveys.


Surveying and Information Collection
Safe, simple and fast high quality data gathering
Promotional and Commercial Film & Photography
Give promotion film a lift with an aerial aspect 
Personal and Wedding Film & Photography
Capture special moments and treasured places


We start by listening to you and really understanding what you need. Next we check out your location or site and make sure it’s safe and suitable for Drone flight. Then we plan the shoot with as much or as little input from you as you want.

Once the filming is complete, we edit the footage we’ve captured into the format you need – 3D renders, aerial surveys, thermographic surveys, stunning stills or breathtaking film – and provide it to you quickly and easily via digital download. After, we’ll keep your footage on file, if you need it for any reason, rest assured we have a back up.



Our equipment and expertise means we capture beautiful, 4k imagery from the air, so no detail goes unseen. Whether we’re surveying your construction site, premises or farm, filming your wedding day, or giving your business promotion wings, we guarantee a view like no other. Perception Drones delivers quality imaging, in a time efficient and cost effective way compared to traditional alternatives.

Quality is the key to everything we do, from our friendly, professional service to our site safety and qualifications, right up to the finished product, we only know how to achieve one standard – the highest.

We price each commission individually, based on the specification you provide. We offer raw footage for film production, or fully edited film. Our detailed images and surveys offer a safe, quick, cost effective alternative to scaffolding and other survey methods. We capture stunning, high resolution photography from perspectives that are difficult to achieve any other way.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together, saving you time and money while delivering high specification images, film and surveys.