Perception Drones has a vast amount of awesome kit. We are currently operating two of the most reliable, tried and tested drones on the market (in our humble opinion). Our DJI Inspire 1 Pro’s carry the X5 and the X5 Raw cameras, with both cameras capturing stunning 16mp images.

Using these awesome machines we shoot 4K video at 24–30 fps in RAW format which provide high quality footage and high resolution surveys.

The mapping software we employ allows us to generate detailed surveys, 2D maps and 3D models, with data generated in quickly and accurately.

Also in our kit-bag of awesomeness is an Osmo hand-held stabilising camera for smooth on-the-ground filming and multiple controllers so our camera’s can be operated individually – great if you know the shot you want and would like the control in your hands. And of course there’s all the essentials you’d expect which guarantee safe flights every time.