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Drones give us access to areas that were previously expensive, time consuming or impossible to reach.

But to make the most of the opportunities drones offer, you need a guide: people with skills, experience and the necessary qualifications. People whose passion matches your own, and who are dedicated to exploring the world and delivering quality, every time.

Aerial film, images and surveys are valuable in many sectors and situations, the list is huge. If you can imagine a need for aerial images or video (however strange) then we are definitely your guys. We pride ourselves on being approachable, considerate and honest.[/su_column]

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[su_quote cite=”Jon Hyatt, Hendra Group”]Perception Drones were able to understand, execute and generate our imaging requirements in a highly professional and swift service, exceeding our expectations of drone photography.[/su_quote]


About us


We’ve been building and flying drones for years, bringing all our years of experience in aviation, marine and civil engineering together.

In 2016 we obtained our Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licenses including night rating meaning we’re approved and qualified to fly in the dark. Now we’re armed with a serious kitbag including our professional drones, high quality 4k cameras, the latest software and of course, public liability insurance.

Since then we’ve been working with businesses across the UK to create stunning film, images and high resolution surveys.


Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Qualified

In July 2016 we successfully completed our BNUC-s qualification and the CAA granted Perception Drones permission for aerial work (PfAW) now known as Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

This is the required qualification for commercial operations using drones, which all professional drones operators should hold. Don’t work with anyone who isn’t approved by the CAA. Not only does it guarantee that we work in a safe, responsible way, it ensures that you get high quality, certified operators.

We also hold PCN cat 1 qualification to use thermal imaging cameras and analyse data recorded.

Night rating to fly in the dark

Aerial footage is not just restricted to daylight hours. Stunning visuals can be captured after the sun sets.

Perception Drones is a certified company that the CAA has granted special permissions for night flights to be carried out.

We have completed additional training allowing us to carry out night flights meaning we can legally fly 24 hours a day (although we might be a bit tired if we did)!

Intelligent Drones and Superior Aerial Imaging

Perception Drones has a vast amount of awesome kit. We are currently operating two of the most reliable, tried and tested drones on the market (in our humble opinion). Our DJI Inspire 1 Pro’s carry the X5 and the X5 Raw cameras, with both cameras capturing stunning 16mp images.

Using these awesome machines we shoot 4K video at 24–30 fps in RAW format which provide high quality footage and high resolution surveys.

The mapping software we employ allows us to generate detailed surveys, 2D maps and 3D models, with data generated in quickly and accurately.

Also in our kit-bag of awesomeness is an Osmo hand-held stabilising camera for smooth on-the-ground filming and multiple controllers so our camera’s can be operated individually – great if you know the shot you want and would like the control in your hands. And of course there’s all the essentials you’d expect which guarantee safe flights every time.

£5m Public liability insurance

We are insured by a highly reputable, specialist drone insurance company and hold £5 million public liability cover which also insures all of our equipment.

During all of our jobs, you and your property are fully covered.